Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to Enjoy Winter

First of all my mom should be writing this post.  She had these thoughts and I listened.
She and I were talking about the kids being cooped up in the house all day and today was a day that I wished we lived closer to the ocean. I truly long for natural beauty. And let's all be honest Tulsa winters can test the soul.

I don't like being chilled in my own home, I don't like having to stand by the oven to feel warm while cooking dinner and the worst is when you don't feel inspired getting dressed in the morning because all you want to do is dress in 4 layers of the comfiest clothes you can find (side note: I'm totally against the moms who only wear sweatpants or gym clothes all day- ugh. Get a real wardrobe- ok that's another post all together.)

So she mentioned that The Lord had been working on her heart and her attitude towards winter (we are so alike its scary sometimes) She said she had a revelation!

-How to  "Enjoy" Winter-
Winter comes after 2 busy seasons: summer & Fall. We use lots of energy and the days are long. Ahhhhh just what I love! Outdoors after dinner, the sun shining on your skin, the smells of nature all day long. It's magic! Well after Fall the light changes and nature it seems looks "dead" but here's whats really interesting... It's not dead.

It's resting. Yep, that's right taking a break. It's getting ready to regenerate and work again. More darkness and more rest. Hmmmm maybe I've been missing it all these years? Winter isn't about longing for summer and summer isn't about longing for jackets, scarves and fires in the fireplace. Each of these seasons has a purpose and our bodies need the seasons just as much as the trees do outside.

Do you find yourself wanting to cuddle in blankets near a fire or with someone you love? Maybe you crave your favorite movies? (You've Got Mail or Pride & Prejudice anyone? -oh the REAL version with Colin Firth! But that's also another post)

Cuddling, resting, sleeping more... all of this is our bodies way of saying let's heal, rest and gather energy for the next season. So let's EMBRACE winter this year. Ask the Lord like my mom did- to prepare your heart for it.

I'll be honest I may always be a summer gal who craves the sunlight and oceans waves but I'm also growing and learning that God's big beautiful world can teach us a lot of new things.



  1. Love this! I always nap more in Winter and have never given thought as to why. As dead as Winter can appear to be, it was be so tranquil and restful.

    1. thank you! I find myself more conscious of my sleep after this :)

  2. Oh man, this reached my heart. I crave the ocean: warm sand and sun. It's a rarity in WA anyway, but I soak it all in when I can. The cold, rainy winter months are hardest [and I'm from CA and FL]. This is a beautiful post, and you've inspired me so. Thank you!

  3. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog through Instagram and oh man, this post hits my heart so powerfully. Thank you so much for writing it! It's truly inspired.
    I have such a passion for finding beauty in life and it can be so tempting sometimes to take solace in a fantasy (of summer) when real life is so outwardly ugly and dry. But gosh, when you stop and face it - the God who created the summers I love so much (I am also an ocean lover!) created winter too. There must be a beauty and importance to it EVEN for me! Life is too short to just bear things if you can possibly find intention and beauty instead!
    Also you're right in pointing out that giving in to discontent in one season will always lead to frustration and discontent in others. Contentment is a discipline that must be practiced!
    I'm sorry for the long comment... I was so excited to read this post. So original and so powerful! Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I love your thoughts- and oh the ocean! how could anyone not love it?