Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Blog

I'm hesitant to start another blog (what you have other blogs?) Yes I have one for my son Brookes (Dear Brooklyn) and I enjoy writing in that occasionally. I also started one years ago while teaching (Thoughts from Waverly Drive) and technically it still exists, only because I don't know how to delete a blog? Help anyone?


My mom and I were talking last week during lunch about how some women who stay at home struggle with managing their home, the kids and any sort of life of their own ( i.e. personal interests or pursuits) Then she said " Why don't you start a blog? You could share how you do it successfully" (haha- I've got her foiled) But seriously. I think the key to a "successful" SAHM scenario is creating a world for you and your family. A world that is uniquely you. What are your goals? Yearly goals and daily goals are so important. I'm a believer in getting what you are aiming towards.

In my mind, I see this blog as a modge podge of tips,  healthy recipes, recommendations and inspiration. My daily life is filled with early mornings (the kiddos are up at 5:30!!!) juicing, cloth diapers, frugal activities and creative living. I love to cook, shop, read and photograph. I love a good deal and adore vintage fashion. I'm taking the plunge and hopefully won't be: just another blogger. 

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  1. As part of my new year's archiving, I was just going through all of my blog subscriptions and kept yours in the midst of my mass deleting hoping that you would resurrect your writing! Instead of deleting your "Waverly" blog, you could just import/merge it here. Look at your settings. I did that with my devo and book review blogs-- merged them all into my main one. Happy writing... I look forward to a glimpse into your SAHM world! :)