Monday, January 27, 2014

My Once Picky Eater

Several months back I was at a Wednesday night service at our church- they call them First Wednesdays and the worship is really outstanding. 

During this deeper and longer worship I felt The Lord speaking to me and encouraging me to ask Him for something that's been on my heart. I knew immediately it had to do with Sullivan. He is a very picky eater and it had really bothered me. 

That may not be a big deal to most moms but my first son would and still does eat almost anything I prepare! It's been awesome :) I would hear other moms speak of having a picky eater and I had no understanding whatsoever the struggle they endured on a daily basis. 

Enter Sully. He has hated my homemade baby food, loved one thing and then spit it out the next day. For a healthy foodie like me it's hurt my very core. I would sit and imagine him never eating anything except cherrios and grilled cheese. 

So at that Wednesday night service, I prayed The Lord would change Sully's desires and attitude towards the food I prepare for him. I prayed He would help me to train a picky eater into a healthy and adventurous eater. 

The next morning Sully was different. He ate more breakfast, new things at lunch and dinner and tried willingly to use his fork. He fed himself the vegetarian stew we were all eating and let's just say he hasn't looked back.

The Lord is faithful. He wants us to have our hearts desires. He wants us to come to Him as a Father. He wants our burdens to be laid down at his feet. 

Our Sullivan is changed, he's more adventurous, he tries almost all foods now and eats the healthy food our whole family eats. Of course, we have the nights were quinoa chili gets pushed off the high chair and lands on the tile, wallpaper (insert tear) and curtains. But those are so few and far between now. 

So I don't have a magic formula for a picky eater. But I know The Lord cares and sees your struggle as a mom trying to feed her family healthy food. He wants you to ask Him. Ask him for a change in that child. Ask Him how to train that child to try new foods and have the courage to continually present new foods to that once picky eater. 

Anyone else out there have a picky child?  I'm certain The Lord wants the best for you and that child- give your cares to Him. Because he cares about picky eaters too. 


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