Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Blog

I'm hesitant to start another blog (what you have other blogs?) Yes I have one for my son Brookes (Dear Brooklyn) and I enjoy writing in that occasionally. I also started one years ago while teaching (Thoughts from Waverly Drive) and technically it still exists, only because I don't know how to delete a blog? Help anyone?


My mom and I were talking last week during lunch about how some women who stay at home struggle with managing their home, the kids and any sort of life of their own ( i.e. personal interests or pursuits) Then she said " Why don't you start a blog? You could share how you do it successfully" (haha- I've got her foiled) But seriously. I think the key to a "successful" SAHM scenario is creating a world for you and your family. A world that is uniquely you. What are your goals? Yearly goals and daily goals are so important. I'm a believer in getting what you are aiming towards.

In my mind, I see this blog as a modge podge of tips,  healthy recipes, recommendations and inspiration. My daily life is filled with early mornings (the kiddos are up at 5:30!!!) juicing, cloth diapers, frugal activities and creative living. I love to cook, shop, read and photograph. I love a good deal and adore vintage fashion. I'm taking the plunge and hopefully won't be: just another blogger.